جمعرات , جون 1 2023


All Faith Spiritual Organization

Advocates the knowledge and practice of spiritualism

In order to recognize God and to be able to approach His Essence learn spiritualism no matter what religion you belong to. As this knowledge became scarce, people moved away from its search and practice and thus far from GOD. Our intention is to raise the awareness of peoples that they understand and begin to realize that spiritual knowledge does exist so that those people who are in search of inner purification enlightenment can pursue these teachings and achieve through it the love of GOD and His friendship.

We are not propagating any religion but advocate that people seek spiritual knowledge. Following the particle teachings of this knowledge will allow them to achieve the love and light of GOD. Thus, enabling them to recognize religion becoming closer to GOD and His love through inner purification and enlightenment.

It is not our intention to draw people to ourselves, but to make them aware of the existence of this spiritual knowledge. This will enable them to seek its teaching and practice from any source available to them.

You say GOD, RABB,KHUDA, OM and IKOANKAR and have other names of GOD in all your languages, but the original and personal name of the Essence of GOD is ALLAH. Which is in the Semiticlanguage, the language in which GOD speaks to the angels.

The Name Allah predates and is not confined to the Muslims or the Holy Quran. This name existed well before the time of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) this father’s name was Abdullah. Allah is the name of essence of GOD and has been source in the beginning of the time and is found in the scriptures of revealed to the Prophets David, Moses and Jesus (P.b.u.h).

We are not concerned about what religion you belong to. We are concerned about those people who seek the Essence and Love of GOD and they have a path and away to do so. By following the practical teachings of spiritualism, which are universal, you can achieve inner purification enlightenment necessary to shine and prepare the heart to receive GOD’s Love.

It is better to have a religion and love of GOD. Should you not have a religion but have the love of GOD, this is better than having a religion but not having the lover of GOD.

You cannot love GOD by simply saying that I love GOD with your tongue. To truly love GOD is to have the heart say it. To achieve this it is important to awaken it. The love of GOD is creation, found, Contained and received in the human heart and there is a spiritual method and practice by which the heart can be awaken and taught to receive the love of GOD.

The human heart beats 6000 times in an hour and in 24hours a day.

1-On a sheet of white paper write the name of Allah in this form (ALLAH) in back ink and stare it as much as you can

2-As an alternative to looking at the name you may get a small light bulb and write Allah on it with yellow color and look at the blub for a few moments each night before you sleep. After a few days of this practice, and once you see the name of Allah hovers in your eyes, stop looking. With concentration try to bring what you see in your eyes onto your heart. When you see thee name written on your heart you will notice that your heart will start beat faster.

3-Next with which and every heart beat you must internally, with concentration, say Allah Allah Allah

4-Ater practicing you will notice and hear that your heart is no longer simply beating but it will be commemorating the name of GOD.

5-Before you sleep, write the name of Allah on your heart with your finger a few times. Imagine that your spiritual teacher in your religion on whom so ever you believe in or follow is holding your finger and writing the name of Allah on your heart. Then whoever comes before you is your guide from GOD. Then for further spiritual progress you must search and find the guide who appeared before you.

6-Occasionally put your hand on your heart or find your pulse in your wrist and with each beat or pulse try to match verbally and internally the name Allah.

7-Finally do some form of physical exercise to increase your heart beat, when this happens stop the exercise and with each and every heart beat say ALLAH ALLAH.

There are people who dance, whilst, verbally singing the name of GOD. The dancing is done to make the heart beat faster. It is important to remember that you have to internalize the GOD’s Name so that it flows inside the blood and try to match its vibration with the heart beat.

Some say Allah verbally and other say Allah say it using beads. It is these people that complain that they have been engaged in take the name of GOD for so many years but have achieved nothing.

The incorporation of name of GOD into the blood requires the name to vibrate with the heart beat. As the heart beats, blood flows through it take with it GOD’s names. Its eventually reaches the soul and spiritual bodies these then awaken and start to recite the name of ALLAH.

When you strike two stones together a spark is created. Through the rubbing of water electricity is generated.

Similarly when the name of GOD of is recited repeatedly or when it vibrates or is recited it creates light and light creates love. This light is on your hands, face and is found on all places of worship except where it should be, your heart.

When your heart starts to commemorate the name of Allah, that light which is then created is not only be found on your hand and face, but it will also be found in your heart. The pumping action of the heart will then take that light through your blood to all parts of body when finally it will reach the soul and spiritual bodies inside you. They will then awaken inside you and start to vibrate with the name of GOD and begin to grow in spiritual strength. Inside every human being. GOD has place seven spiritual bodies, with an additional nine assistant spiritual bodies, a total of sixteen in every person. These 16 spiritual bodies resemble the physical body. It is with this light inside that they become strong and are then able to leave the body spiritually. It is for this reason that people see Saints in many different places at once time.

When Allah come within a person, if that person is a Muslim, he/she will be known as a wali, if they are Sikh they will be known as a Guru. Should a person be asChristian or a Jew, they will be known as Saint.

This teaching is open for all who wish to practice it. You may wish to contact us but if unable to do so, then look at the moon when it appears from the east, as it has a human image on it. If you are able to see it, then say Allah three times and you will be blessed to practice the spiritual teaching.

When you wish to practice this, you will see me with you spiritually helping you in your effort. Thereafter if you experience anything contact us.